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AUTHOR FRANK LEWIS lives in Manakin Sabot, VA with his new bride Jody and their two fur babies, Evie Claire and Nola Marais, who are adorable Shorkie sisters. By day, Frank is a prominent financial services investor who exercises his left brain to advise companies and to analyze and crunch data. By night, he wields the superpowers of his right brain to unleash his playful inner child with his passions for writing and for reading all the comic books he's been collecting since he was seven. Frank is a proud graduate of University of Virginia with a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering and Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics. He's also a jokester, classical pianist, poker player, and aspiring amateur break dancer.

ILLUSTRATOR AUTUMN BROOK was born in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1995. She lives there today and is a student working toward a degree in fine art. When she's not in class, Autumn draws pet portraits and illustrations and makes jewelry.

WHO ARE PANDA AND OWL? Before Panda and Owl, there was Jody and Frank. The title, derived from the couple's nicknames for one another, began as a wedding present. Jody came to Brown Books with an unprecedented request - she wanted to turn her soon-to-be husband's work into a published project. Why? Because the foundation of what would become his book was built on ‘chapters’ Frank wrote for and about her every holiday season. It was a fitting tribute for the pair whose love story is literally the stuff of fairy tales, and the September 2017 launch of The Festive Frolics of Panda and Owl marks the start of Jody and Frank's next big adventure.

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The Festive Frolics of Panda and Owl is a charming, playful tribute to best friends and finding joy in togetherness. Each of the book's five stories, with titles ranging from ‘The Perfect Picnic’ to ‘Panda has a Birthday’, is a complete, brief stand-alone tale; they can be read in any order. Color-coded tabs mark the beginnings of each, making them easy to identify. Perfect for emergent or beginning readers transitioning from picture books to easy chapter books, or for a story-time read-aloud, the book's simple yet expressive language is fun and light.

Foreword Clarion Review

Panda and Owl are the truest of friends. No matter what the day or activity may be, it's their friendship that brings the very best out of it. The five stand-alone stories provide lots of fun time to spend with these delightfully quirky buddies. A sure reminder that the details aren't so important, but the ones we share them with are the best treasure and adventure of all!

Story Monsters Ink

The Festive Frolics of Panda and Owl is a delightful salute to the joys of comradeship, with all the funny twists and turns any real relationship can have. It is enhanced by tiny detailed color illustrations that have delicacy, charm, and spice.

Midwest Book Review

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Panda and Owl are a hoot! Birthday parties, ice cream, and river games can be fantastic fun - especially when you're with your best friend! Join spontaneous, cheerful Panda and wise but disoriented Owl as they live and laugh together in the Bamboo Forest. In these five stories, Panda and Owl rhyme, sing, walk, eat, and splash through their adventures. But whether they're discovering the bestest activity for the bestest outside day possible or planning surprises for each other, the thing they enjoy more than anything else is spending time together as unlikely yet inseparable best friends.

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